Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"The Most Important Night of Your Life." (well, if that's what they say, atleast you can be well-dressed.)

I've been yabbering on about my upcoming Prom (pictures will be posted afterwards ofcourse). A quick update: we will soon be voting on a theme, options are Moulin Rouge, Masquerade Ball and something to do with jazz.
As much as I loooove Moulin Rouge, I think a Masquerade ball would be different. And personally, I just want to be able to wear one of those pretty Venetian eye masks...

Alors, I previously promised to post some helpful tips about finding a Prom Dress.
Whenever I see last year's Prom photos, I notice all the chavvy girls in their bright pastel colours, over-curled hair and pouffy meringue style gowns. This really puts me off gowns such as these.
They're so frequently seen and typically prom, every Prom dress website has thousands in different shades of baby blue and pink. (Dresses above from Prom Girl.)

Quick tips:
2 girls in my year have bought their 'really nice' prom dresses from eBay for just £25! I know what you're thinking, but ditch the snobby attitude and see if you find anything. UK or US.
Don't have a blue print for what you want you dress to look like. Just think of a few colours that suit you, or you'd like to wear. This will help you narrow down options quickly.
Expensive doesn't always mean better. The money you save means extra money that you can spend on end-of-year celebrations.
Look for something different. You'll stand out and make an impact.
Only buy what you feel comfortable in. Confidence is noticeable, don't buy a mini if you're going to be tugging the hem every 5 minutes.

Try shopping online! I did it and it's quick. Just make sure you shop ahead so you don't have to worry it won't arrive intime.

If you're skilled with the sewing machine make your dress yourself. Sketch out some plans, choose a colour and style that suits you and get sewing. You will know that no-one else has your dress, you'll save money.
Try vintage. Half of you go thrifting anyway, why not get a classic piece with a story behind it?

Here's an old Teen Vogue 2005 I dug out from my magazine stack. There's a lovely Prom photoshoot, might give you some inspiration.


Classic prom dresses are full-length, sometimes even trailing the ground. But breaking fashion rules is always fun, and if you've got the legs and don't mind the male attention, a mini dress will be a lovely alternative.
Don't be scared of wearing a dark colour-it's chic.
There's also a practical side to buying a little black dress like this. We all know the 11th Commandment, Thou Shalt Own A Little Black Dress but this one is something you can easily save and wear for another occasion. Betsey Johnson $396.


Slender figures, long legs. To minimise accentuating a small chest, wear long hair down tumbling over your shoulders, it will break up your shoulder space.

For fifties infatuees, like me, you'll love this halter swing dress. $68.


Good for hourglass figures/curves.

A new silhouette for prom dresses is sleek. This dress is perfect for accentuating your feminity. I love the feeling of tight silk against my skin. Purple Silk, $210.


Accentuates curves but would also suit a slender figure.

The colour of this Alyce chiffon dress is stunning. The bodice is fitted and flatters the chest, while the full-length is good for you if you want to step away from pouffy gowns but can't handle minis, it skims the figure. $238.
Full-length prom gown by Jovani. $400. A backless/criss-cross/open-backed dress is very 'now' if that's what you're after.
Fishtail dresses are uber flattering. So are most of these dresses, but this is a very unique shape and will also suit most figures. Faviana, $338.

Sensual, sumptuous, Plum Satin and sequin, open-backed. Interlude, $262. Also in silver.

As for an online vintage option...
Yes, I know I am contradicting myself on the poofy gowns thing. But this one is special. $210. Peach Lace & Nylon 1960's Ball Gown.

Prom dress websites:
E Dress Me Prom


Miss Woo said...

Ah bring back memories! For my prom I wore black as I was rather resistant to all things pastel. Going vintage is always a great idea though..

la petite fashionista said...

ah great minds think alike! I didn't want to wear the stereotypical prom dress so i chose a cute betsey johnson number! i felt much more glamorous and i know i wont be embarassed of my prom pics years down the road


j'aimetonstyle said...

maaan i want a prom! love the red dress!

bronwyn said...

I like the Alyce chiffon. Brings back memories for me too. For my prom I saw a 1920's dress in a book of Vogue magazine covers which I took to a dressmaker and had her copy. It worked out a lot cheaper than buying an expensive, fancy dress.

hannah said...

those are lovely.

im planning on not attending my prom, but if i were to, i would go for a mini dress. hippie chic or sixties mod. oh, a hippie mini dress with gladiators would be so wonderfully refreshing for a prom, maybe i should go...