Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Picture Show and Story Tell

I just wanted to share a few pictures.
I won't post endlessly about all the latest collections, but since last S/S '07 collection, Gucci has really caught my eye. And they're still not doing anything wrong. Frida Giannini really knows how to come out with statement pieces and wearable clothes.

Looking at other pieces of the collection, it seems if Gucci is anything to go by, black, white and yellow {bee fashion}- combined with graphic prints-will be trickling down through the hierarchy of high street stores. Some of my favourites:
I am so desperate to jump into that jumpsuit. And I could easily live a Dolce Vita in that yellow dress.

I love this old shot of Sienna, in her iconic boho days, walking her dogs. Pure outfit inspiration.

Don't you feel that you're stuck in a fashion rut? I do.

I want go to a completely new location and buy a wardrobe full of 'new' (vintage, boutique, some from high street) clothes to revive my style and look. I would just love to look completely original. I do feel it's a way off, but I'm not going to stop improving my style. As much as I love the satchel bags, with leather boots, mini dresses or jeans, and a leather biker jacket combination-a modern classic stylish look-so many other people wear similar. But that's fashion isn't it? Because at the end of the day, what is fashion, is worn by people who love fashion, and somehow doesn't everyone end up looking the same?

Pardon moi if that made no sense...

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