Monday, February 4, 2008

I've Been A-Spending!

Looking through other girls' blogs and admiring their vintage finds make me wish my town was filled with vintage shops.

All I have is a load of charity shops filled with old ladies' mint green blouses. Oh, there is one vintage shop- 'Second Sight' but I went in there not so long ago and it was granny vintage. Not nice vintage. Plus it wasn't cheap. But I'll pay another visit, take some pics and tell you how it went.

In the meantime I still have shops with good old sales.
I remember last September I spotted these lovely boots in Dorothy Perkins.
They were £40 though and i had no argents. Lucky me found them last Saturday on the sale rail for £10. I had been saying that day how I wanted some new boots; I wanted some flat leather ankle boots anyway. These ones remind me of booties that Peter Pan would wear. Why that is a good thing I do not know. Maybe because I was obsessed with watching the film when I was younger. You can also wear them up.

Usually I wouldn't pick this pair out, but something drew my attention to them and they also reminded me a little of the beige strappy boots Sienna Miller likes wearing.
I only paid £20 for the two pairs. That's definitely happy spending.
Only a week and a couple of days till I fly to Holland.
I can't wait.
My Oma is a genius and so stylish when it comes to clothes and fashion. She makes most of her own and used to go to fashion shows with her fashion buyer friend when she was younger. She gave me a YSL scarf she was given at one of the shows. She used to go to designer shops, try on the clothes and make them at home. Anyway I really want to learn her skill so she's going to teach me when I see her. Will keep you updated!


bronwyn said...

Wow, amazing how much you can save on sale. The brown boots are very nice:)

Eleh said...

£20 for both? that's some great finds considering those boots are really nice! i especially like the second one with the buckle!