Thursday, March 27, 2008

Birthday & the Beach

My sister turned 12 today. One of her birthday treats was a beautiful 18th century style white desk and chair. She's in love with it, they're so classic. I was about the same age as her when I got my bureau for my birthday, i remember my mum, sister and i hunting round antique shops for my perfect desk. My mum also has a lovely one that she found in a second-hand shop when we lived in Holland. My dad painted it for her, a deep turquoise colour with bronze edges. So we all have our own special desks now. I'll post pictures sometime.
We just went to a noodle bar for a meal out but beforehand, Oma and Mike (grand parents) came round and we all had cake and then went to the nearby cliffs to see the sun set. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures as i'm a complete romantic when it comes to sunsets. =)

It's all just a little drive from my home. Lately I've realised how much I appreciate my home, my family, the little things, they all matter. And yes, I have been lusting after a life in California, but atleast I'm surrounded by something beautiful in a different way.
I'll post the rest soon so you can see it all better. Goodnight, Sky x


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Love your blog, such a fresh layout!!
Remind me to link you back.
Great gift they gave your sister, such a good idea.

aschlee said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time. I really like the first photo A Lot. (it has a bit of a cali vibe (minus the pebble beach :P))

molly said...

coool pictures! and happy birthday to your sister!

Romany said...

Gorgeous pics, as usual. :)
Aww your own special desks, that's adorable. Definitely post pics they sound beautiful.
Oh me too - California here I come (one day lol)!

hannah said...

i love these photos. looks like a good time.