Monday, March 31, 2008

Catching Up

It's a beautiful, beautiful sunny afternoon. I've just been down to the beach with my mum while the sun was out. It was absolutely gorgeous, lots of surfers trickled along the waves.

Got given my GCSE timetable today, eeek. It's really starting to properly sink in now that I've got something like 2 months until my major exams.

I had my Dutch Speaking exam today. It actually went okay, I only speak Dutch occasionally on the phone to my Dutch Oma and when I go to Holland twice a year (I lived there till i was 8) I miss not speaking it though so it's nice hooking up with it again. =) At one point I got a few mins to prepare for a roleplay and i couldn't think of the work for ambulance or hospital. Then when i was doing the roleplay, just as I had the chance to say it, I remembered it! Ziekenhuis (ambulance). That was good.

Really lovely reading your sweet comments- thank you!
Later in the week I've got another customised skirt to show you.

For today i have something I found in Feb's Uk Glamour that made me laugh (and might help you stop lying to yourself!)

Don't forget I'm selling a new military jacket on eBay. At the moment it's priced at £10, but I'm really open to anything you want to offer.

Also, I'm scouting Asos for a bargain...they have a sale. ;)

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