Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Favourite Things

I was rooting through my sister's cluttered wardrobe trying to find something when I re-united with some of my old favourite things, now handed down to her and clearly not loved as much seeing as they were amidst all the mess...

I used to be Pucca crazy-stationary, tops, socks, bags, I collected a lot. I remember (when I went through that stage where you're still a kid, but you're becoming a teenager and it's all a bit awkard)carrying this Pucca handbag proudly on my first few shopping trips with friends and no mum.

Ahhh, my white rah-rah skirt*. The ruffles were the delight. From my favourite shop of the time, 915 at New Look. I remember summers of this skirt teamed with turquoise vests, my frizzy 13 year old hair and braces. I would post pictures but I'd have to point and laugh at myself and that seems a bit mean to my gawky old self.

The little checked milkmaid dress. I wore a lot of checked dresses when I was younger. I actually found an old Monsoon one and chopped it up to thigh length the other day. I'll show you soon but I need to work on it. ;) I love seeing the old photos of me and my mum. Found a lovely one the other day- her with a stylish 80s/90s look-a headscarf in her, a big knit jumper with a belt and red leggings, me in a matching red jumpsuit.

These are just a few checked dresses i wore back in the day.

Don't you love how your old favourite things bring back memories?

* I'm still coming to terms with the fact that rah-rahs can look stylish, see 80s vintage. I think it must just be the overload of chubby chavettes in my town wearing them the past couple of years.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love when i see or find something I haven't looked at in a while. that is such a cute picture of you, you are so adorable!
That pucca purse reminds me of when I was sanrio crazy, I had to have it all!

jellofer said...

Thanks for the comment :)

I have to agree with you, finding old favourite things is almost like looking through old photographs...It's such a nostalgic feeling~~

Anonymous said...

i had an old minniemouse-skirt i really loved! And my mother has been so stylish!!!! i should do a post about it!!!

Molly :] said...

paha. i used to shop at new look 915 too...
:) x


i used to be obsessed with pucca as well.. haha id say it wasnt that long ago!

Zoƫ said...

aww! That little plaid jumper is adorable!

Unfortunately, my parents handed down almost all of my old clothes to a family friend, so I dont have any from when I was little =[

{this is glamorous} said...

Completely love that picture of little adorable you!!

The Clothes Horse said...

That bag is too sweet. I still wear a sweatshirt from when I was little and it has a cool, bold girl scout graphic on it.

Mer said...

I wish I could have my old clothes, I moved to much!!! :-)

great blog!

Romany said...

Oh that bag is so adorable!
I got a Polaroid for Christmas and it brought back so many memories from my childhood - I didn't have one back then, but I always wanted a Spice Girls one. Lol.
Great post!

Just a girl said...

Cute handbag and dresses. They desses look reminiscent of the gorgeous ones my mum used to make me.

I especially love rifling through diaries, letters or photo albums and just remembering...

Just a girl

AFitz said...

Ahh, the Pucca stage

I definitely went all out, with the EMily Strange and Hello Kitty & Paul Frank as well.


Anonymous said...

i linked u..if u wanna link me here it is


Anonymous said...

o thnxx!
and i posted a forum on teen vogue wanting people to post theier blogs on it because i like reading them... so ya! and i just got my blog, so there will be more on it.. i just need to find time :}
thnx again!