Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm Getting Too Fickle For This

I really am. I realised that, although nice, Just Say: Vintage and Apple Pie blended in with all those other vintage blogs. I wanted something a bit bolder and snappier. I'm not too sure about the black/coral colour scheme, but the colours are something I will change with the seasons (and my fickle mind). The explanation is that K I K I has been my mum's nickname for me for a long, long time.
Anyway hopefully this will be the one to stay. Are you happy with it? I'm sorry for all the confusion. This blog is starting to earn a split-personality status.


The military jacket I've been promising to list soon and later etc, I listed on Saturday as Buy it now/make offers. I've also changed my mind with this. (Don't laugh, please! =D) I've now started it at an auction at £10.00 which is a third of its original price. That's about $20. I ship worldwide too.
This is clearly an Easter for changes...

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