Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Actually, it used to be a top.

Before we begin, just in time for an early dinner, have a look at The Vintage Society. I'm not going to add an outfit adoring collage (time's ticking) but she has lovely dress sense and is in the middle of some interesting vintage projects...

Looking at my blog, I'm really lacking in photographs, and although i love to read, a blog is just not a blog without photographs. Here are a few very un-Easterish shots I took round Easter.

I'm really lusting after a professional photographic black camera.

The left photo shows what's left of a threatening sticker (a dog baring its teeth) which has been stuck on the back window for longer than we've lived here. The last 2 are quite bleak, but sometimes it's nice to see something raw, un-airbrushed.

This is what I wore yesterday (Easter monday).
The past 2 days, when my mum's seen my outfits, I've got a 'what are you wearing?' reaction. That either means I'm starting to fullfill my goal of not blending in with the crowd-or I'm going horribly wrong. But it is better to try and fail then never to try at all. =) Oh, and meet my new trench/jacket! Half price (reduced from £30 to £15) on my last trip to London.

Trench jacket- H&M
Grey cardigan- Topshop
revamped skirt (originally top)- Zara
3 layers of tights to face the winter cold- ?
boots- Dorothy Perkins
scarf- Primark
Belt- Topshop
necklace- vintage

I love the high waisted skirt trend. I really wanted to wear one yesterday so flicked through my wardrobe to see if anything could be manipulated to transform into a skirt. I came across this t-shirt. It brings back good memories; July 2006-Year 9 school trip to Paris. Before we crossed the channel to come back home, the teachers let us loose in a shopping mall. Me and my friend Caroline ran riot shopping and were (probably the only) girls who discovered a Zara tucked away in the mall. It cost me something like £10, the red and forties/fifities style family sat round the breakfast table are what made me buy it. Maybe it had always been like that, maybe i was shopping too quickly to notice but the ends actually rolled up and the t-shirt looked shorter and less flattering. So it seemed to be doomed to a lifetime inside my wardrobe.
Yesterday I pulled it over my legs and kept pulling it over my hips until the neckline stretched. The belt and grey cardigan I wore covered up the sleeve holes.

Before I came home, I stopped at C&H Fabrics and bought some wire and Mexican red dye. The wire for my art work, the red dye because I'm starting to actually love the return of tie-dye and am planning on doing some Dye it Youself. ;) Fickle must be my middle name as a few weeks ago, scanning through the latest Topshop lines, I groaned at the sight of a tie-dye skirt.

Next stop was the only vintage shop in my little town, Second Sight. Most of the things in there are pretty ugly and over priced but I spotted two pairs of lovely vintage designer shoes which I am very tempted to buy for my upcoming online vintage store this summer...One pair was vintage Roland Cartier, purple stiletto pumps with a nicely rounded, slightly pointed toe. I'm not the biggest wearer of purple, but the shoe were so pretty! They also had a little purple button on each toe. Let me know if you like the sound of them and I can tell you more.

I'm off now, remember my little addiction? I need to go papermache one of my bras. (art!)

Kiki x


Sheryl Wong said...

This outfit looks great! I like to wear some of my bigger shirts as skirts too!

hannah said...

i love that idea. the skirt (top) really spices up the outfit.

and that trench is amazing. so classic.

Romany said...

Gorgeous photos. And don't worry, you are nowhere near going wrong - you've achieved your goal of setting yourself apart from the crowd in a fashionable way. :)
I'm hearing SO MUCH about Zara these days, which sucks because I can't even check it out. There are no stores here in Australia (that I know of)...

Libertygirl said...

Hey you look great! LLGxx

Nadine said...

That's so cool! What a great idea!