Sunday, March 16, 2008

Opa. x

I don't know what to write. My Opa died yesterday from a split in his aortic valve. It's the biggest artery in your body. My mum was with him out in the Caribbean where he lives. It hasn't sunk in properly and it's just the weird realisation that I'll never see him again. The only kind of deaths I've ever had to deal with is with hamsters and my dog. I'm so, so, sad i will never see him again but i'm remembering the happy, funny times with him. I have a lot more memories than i thought. It's been a weird, weird time and I've chosen to stay home and look after my sister rather than stay with my Oma. It's nothing personal to her, I just need some normality with this.
What this has really taught me is to appreciate someone every time you see them, every time they say something to you. Look up from the TV when they talk.
I came back yesterday from a succesful shopping trip to London with my friend, but right now fashion seems so pointless.
I want to end on a happy note, so here's a little dedication to Opa:
Peppermint Parade!

Ik hou van jou Opa, en zal altijd.

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