Monday, March 10, 2008

what a way to celebrate my 100th post!

Wow. One hundred posts today. August 15 2007- ..........?

I'm not stopping now!
Sorry this is not a great post to celebrate this blog posting Jubilee (maybe anniversary is a better word). Here was my first ever, very short, post on here.
I've been trying to teach myself that school work comes first then fashion and blogging.
Oucchhhhhhh... It's really hard. I think i'm addicted.
But am doing quite well. I've been working on a powerpoint for my english talk (which i'm redoing again to my teacher as i think i can get a better grade) on The Blogging Phenomenon. About how blogging can make you almost like an internet celebrity, e.g. Susie Bubble etc. That just makes me sound more addicted.
If you're Sally Jane, Eleh, Almah H, Hannah Couture, Chez Beaute, screen shots of your blogs were featured in there somewhere...I hope you don't mind... =P
Anyway got to go.
Don't be surprised if I blog less. But that's unlikely. So don't be surprised if i blog later.

And to people who read, keep coming back! I'm going to be working a whole lot harder after my exams are finished to make sure this blog gets better.

EBAY UPDATE: The ebay auction for my Replay trainers (>>>) ends in 2 days and they already have bids so if you want them-go, go, go!
Sorry to people interested in the gladiator sandals, but ebay removed their listing, because I mentioned that they were Balenciaga style in the title. I'm annoyed. And I had several people actually asking me about them and wanting to buy them too! They will be relisted soon.


Anonymous said...

See Here

Andreea Vaduva said...

hey! Sorry for the delay. Yes of course you can have only one piece, in a short time I'll make some new earrings and brooches with Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. As for the shipping, I don't have a settled system yet, I will until the end of the year. But please send me an e-mail, because I have an option. A friend of mine is coming in Romania this month, and then back to Scotland. We can talk more, just send me an email ;)

Anonymous said...

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