Thursday, March 6, 2008

Walk With a Conscience.

Natalie Portman is really an actress to admire. Not only did she shave off all her hair when filming V for Vendetta, something I could honestly never do, but now she has created a line of limited edition (100 per size) luxury vegan shoes for Te Casan.

Natalie's a vegan herself, and has found it really hard to find shoes which suited her diet. Not that she ate them, you know what i mean ;) "The shoe line was really out of a lack of anything on the market. I couldn't find vegan shoes as I didn't want to wear any animal products. Alot of shoes are vegan, on the outside, but the soles always have leather. So these are all made of plastics."

Other than getting a whole new vegan shoe collection, the line's really not about Natalie making money- "all proceeds go to animal charities, and environmental charities."
And it's not a limited budget, but her being a vegan that stops her from wearing Christian Louboutins. "If I could have those shoes, that's sort of my dream."

It's not clear how much of her own input has been put into the collection, or if she was the one to fund it, (I doubt it), but I still love the idea. The shoes aren't anything new and spectacular, but that's not expected. She is an actress, after all, not a designer. "I'm very into a classic shoe that's not the star of the outfit, just compliments it."

The collection ranges from "classic Audrey style flats", to simple sandals, 'faux' patent pumps and Mary Janes.

My personal favourites are the Pixie red satin flats above, $185, (also available in black and navy) and the red faux-patent Mary Janes, $265.

Prices are between $200 and $300-some would say this is a bit too 'dear', but then when there's such a lack of vegan shoes on the market (even with Natalie's budget) paying an extra hundred-for a shoe that is too timeless to go out of fashion- doesn't seem too bad.

(Top photo. From left: Natalie shows a pair from the collection; talking to Style, wearing the red Mary Janes shown in the campaign; writing on the wall of the shop, perfectly compatible to the collection. Screen shots from Style video.)

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