Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TO: vintage lovers and 'london's-like-the-back-of-my-hand'ers, LOVE skyla

School is just ridiculously boring right now. Day in day out. I can't wait till College. This summer I plan to work lots at the Tea Gardens I work at during the spring - autumn months, save some money i earn then go shopping in london, buy myself a whole new stylish wardrobe, with a mix of vintage, high street, and if i can afford it...cheaper designer. ;) Well, we'll see. I'm going to have to get so many new clothes as you wear you 'own clothes' every day at College, not like school uniform at school.

One good thing about my day today was that we played netball in PE. I love netball so I was really enjoying it. Then suddenly a guy from another PE class, also in my year, joined in with the girls' class and was helping us shoot etc. It was quite funny.

Next weekend my friend, Caroline and I are planning on taking the train on a day trip to London. It gets me excited just thinking about it. I'm going to have to wear a really stylish outfit as last time I went I felt really unstylish compared to everyone else. We're hopefully going to a free fashion exhibition, might fit in Harrod's, we'll go to Oxford Street, but I'm also wanting to go to vintage shops. In an interview with Alexa Chung or Miquita Oliver (I can't remember which, they're both T4ers!) they said that the Oxfam on Oxford Street was amazing for vintage. Obviously I want t go to real vintage shops too though, I've heard of Absolute Vintage, which looks amazing but is it affordable?

So my question to you is:

Which amazing vintage shops in London would you recommend?

Absolute Vintage Virtual tour.


Anonymous said...

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hannah said...

looks lovely, like an amazing little treasure trove. im currently on the search for the perfect fur vest, or faux fur (actually preferably faux).

i cant recommend any shops in london because i have never actually been there, but i want to go desperatly.

Andreea Vaduva said...

Hi! You told me to tell a price for the Biba Bijoux earrings you found here: www.cerceiunici.blogspot.com , it's about 11 €, shipping not included. Thanks for your appreciations. Nice blog you have there ;)

aschlee said...

Gosh I wish i could tell you where to go, but see as how I'm from California your guess is as good as mine :P I'm sure you'll have a great time, it sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Andreea Vaduva said...

well a set contains a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings: the ring is 6 €, the necklace 11 €, the earrings 11 € and soon I'll make some brooches that will cost 6 €. The paper used for making the jewelery is represented by cutouts from a vintage magazine (1938) about movies.