Monday, March 3, 2008

Blogging, fashion, photography. I blame my lack of time management on them all.

I can't stop taking photos lately.

Excuse the state of my nails. Art work is my excuse...

Read the photograph before you read the story behind it. I took it because it was quite humorous and i like the fact that just by reading it, you can conjure up all sorts of situations and stories that led to the note.

This was taken Saturday morning. That's my 'note'. I'm not a psycho, but i was babysitting my sister and her best friend, who had spent all morning (slight exaggeration) throwing pinecones at the window of the living room. I see red too easily but i managed to ignore her. I chased her and her friend down the garden, in my pyjama shorts and rainbow coloured socks, with a huge vase of water. They ran away. Then they were complaining that I wouldn't let them in! Sisters. So i stuck this to the window and went and read my book and ate hagelslag on bread.

P.S Gossip Girl should be returning on April 21.


ChiliLady said...

wow, great photos!!

aschlee said...

hah I know how that can be, I have a younger brother. Younger siblings can be such a pain sometimes, especially if they have their friends around lol. At least they give us good stories to tell :P - Street style & romance in Paris said...

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