Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's Polka

Do anything but start a post with 'sorry, i haven't posted. _____ happened and then i couldn't _______ but i'm back now or should be until ______' is my new motto.

I've been spending recent afternoons revising, sitting exams and catching the bus home in my school's 2003-2008 leavers hoodie. Like the trainers/Keds post, I don't usually wear hoodies but lately all i've wanted to do between exams is snuggle into something warm and pull out a pen from my kangaroo style front pocket to make little notes with.
I have a lot of things to catch up on, and will probably do a catch up post between this week's exams and the next set.
Until then- how would you like to polka?

These little pretties are brown & white polka dot wedges which I bought last year. I took the tags off, paraded round the house in them on several occassions and put them back on my shoe rack unworn. Yesterday i looked at them and thought they deserved a much more loving home. They should be frolicking on pretty summer days with painted toe nails and little dresses. Right now they're nestled between my gladiator sandals and ankle boots.
So if anyone knows where these pretty ones would find such a place and how much they are offering to adopt them, drop me a know how ;)


Ragamala said...

I'm always trying to find ways to incorporate polka dots into my outfits!

Just a girl said...

I ♥ hoodies! Esp. for a lazy winter day - so comfortable, warm and snuggly. Perfect for spending a day curled up on the couch in front of the fire. Ah, how I wish it were holidays already!

Oh, those shoes are gorgeous. They're wedges and polka dot! What size are you?