Thursday, May 15, 2008

(tomorrow's) the night!

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.
Today was my last day of school ever. Never will i wear school uniform, daydream my way through a boring science lesson/mess around with my friends, or see the exact same people i've seen for the past 5 years.
It's so odd. While i've been waiting for this moment for months, it's suddenly hit me. Woah. I'm so glad i'm going to college in september but have realised i have to really act like an adult then. Not that i'm immature and childish now but i can't chat my way through science with friends despite my teacher telling me to stop talking. No-oh.

I had graduation today in the town hall. We got dressed up, I wore a new nautical top (will post pics soon, promise!) skinny jeans and ankle boots. Not the most adventurous but right now all i can think about are exams and revision.

Graduation started with a long talk from the headteacher, who passed onto our much loved head of year. He read us a lovely long poem which he had written about us, including memories from the past five years. He also slipped in a few people from each class into his poem, and i felt honoured to be in it! Even though it was because 'Skyla was always late.'

Then we watched 2 videos put together including photos and funny footage of our form tutors, followed by our year 11 video. Every year the leavers put together a video to a current song and the whole year (200 people) is included. This year our song was Nickelback-Rockstar. (click here for a funny spoof version)Girls with bleached blonde hair mimed to the lines about playboy bunnies, the junkie guys in my year sang the lines 'drug dealer on speed dial', teachers and year 11s starred in it. It was fun but really sad. I almsot cried. We went up on stage one by one to receive a graduation certificate, have a form photo taken and receive a leavers t-shirt which i then wore over my top round town, oversized boyfriend style ;) It's got our school name, form tutors names, class of 03-08 and all the pupils' names. I also got a yearbook and have a hoody to come.

So I'm feeling very strange. It's an end of an era of 12 years of school. Finally, freedom! is here but it's feeling weird.

Exams continue (Citizenhsip and Dutch), but more importantly tomorrow is the night. Do i need to tell you which one?


hannah said...

congrats! yay for graduation!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I remember when I finished school, it's a strange feeling you feel like you are being pushed into the adult world. You lose a lot of friends which is sad I'm hadly in contact with anyone I went to school with.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

get back to studying, don't get distracted by me!!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

happy graduation!!!i also graduate in may!!

Fashion Addict said...

All of my fellow bloggers seem to be graduating this year! So congrats!

great blog, really! love it. I would love to do a link exchange so please contact me later about it!

Fashion Addict said...

I have just added you and so please tell me when you have added me to your blogroll!!! thankies!

la petite fashionista said...

happy graduation & best of luck with your future!