Thursday, May 1, 2008

While i hum

Sorry for being a no show lately, art coursework has made me a slave to it, days and late nights to finish by the deadline. The past two days I've had my Art GCSE exam, five hours each day, no talking. Just music and painting. No complaints there. It went really well and I'm really happy with my sketchbook and the final piece, my crazy art teacher was tres happy with my work so i can sleep well tonight.

I now have to tidy up the huge mess that art has caused me to make, while i hum Sia-Buttons. And then i'm rewarding myself with the latest episode of the addictive Gossip Girl.

P.S Only 2 sweet weeks till i leave school forever! x.
Hopefully the blog will resume as normal again soon, and get better
With future days of no school, comes summer job, with which comes money (to buy) ridiculously lovely clothes, meaning plus inspired outfit posts...;)

Till soon.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your graduation! And good luck on your GCSE's and stuff... :)

hannah said...

yay for graduation! i cant wait to see what kind of wonderful clothes you get this summer!