Thursday, June 19, 2008

baywatch babies

Mmmm. I love beach days. Tuesday eve was spent with two friends (H&G), a bbq and the beach. The tide was out so there was lots of sand so H and I couldn't resist some baywatch frolicking through the waves.

You should have seen us walk home, I don't live far from the beach and H didn't want to have to pay another bus fare so we walked the mile from the beach back to mine.

I haven't worn a backpack since about year 7 I'm guessing, so there we were trekking along a country road, with sheep and green grass and rolling hills on both sides, and me lugging my mum's huge green Copella backpack (which she won in an apple juice brand competition.) I was one yellow cap away from being a German exchange student. My friends carried the portable bbq and a bunch of battered cushions and blankets. One of them said she felt like she was on Skins.

I just realised I missed the Holland v. Romania game yesterday or the day before. Damnnn. It's so funny for me to make an effort to check the score and keep up with Holland's matches but I'm really enjoying watching them right now. It would be even funnier if one day i ended up being a WAG, they really bug me. Anyway, I can't wait to see them play Russia or Sweden. Who knows, maybe they'll win this time?

P.S Don't forget to check my listings-they end very soon!

*wearing my black and white H&M body con dress and Topshop leather belt.

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