Friday, June 20, 2008

Notes on Summer

Lately I've been thinking about what summer means to me. I suppose it's quite similar for everyone. For me:
waterfights, ice lollies, mini dresses, colour, tans, holidays, bbqs, hair getting golder, guys (all ages, all sizes, mostly chavs) taking their shirts off at every opportunity, beach days- the list could go on forever.
I had a conversation with my dad not so long ago and we both agreed that each summer we have a personal 'summer hit song' and when we hear it, it refers back to that summer.

I do that with a lot of memories; Temperature by Sean Paul screams the year 9 school trip to Paris with my friends. It was constantly playing in our hotel rooms. Then there was My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas, which I remember singing with my three close friends in the changing rooms after PE. Then Control Myself by Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J reminds me of the summer of 07, (or was it 06?) when I ballgirled with my school friends at the International Tennis Tournament Women's Open. During our breaks we would go and hang around in the ballgirls' room, read the Cosmo sex pages, play songs on iPod speakers, and go to the food hall where the puddings were delicious chocolate gateaus, fruit pies. Ooh.
Anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers reminds me of countless car journeys with my mum and sister.
Ironically, most of these songs only reflect one kind of music I like.

Sources: The Fashion Spot, Zara 07 summer clothing, vintage magazine covers, Russh editorial, the already legendary Carrie heels (Dior Extreme Gladiator sandals), Dan Martensen photography, Asian film poster of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, cobalt Parentesi bag.

So tell me, do you have songs that pull you back to a memory? What will you be overwearing this summer?


Zai said...

heyy i love your blog!! link swap?

Rosa C. said...

aww i really liked this post :] i agree with you, i have songs that take me back to summers too. i think sexy love by ne-yo, hips dont lie by shakira and maneater by nelly fertado take me back to summer of year 7, which i think was 2006. i dont really remember about last year. an overwearing...hmm...dresses, skirts and shorts! so i hope the weather's good! :]
p.s. linked you x