Thursday, June 5, 2008


This is a quickie cos I'm about to go out for a celebratory dinner.We're off to a nice Italian place, i'm in the mood for pizza.

A)I have finally finished my exams! Wow 5 years of school and it's all over. Some exams I feel regretfull about, others I know i've done my hardest in, but i'm just going to look at it as a learning experience and motivation to do better in college. Luckily the subjects i think i did best in are mostly my college courses too. No more school responsibilities or revision!

B)what do you think of the makeover? I know it wasn't in the poll but that resulted in a draw and i prefer this one, hope you do too.

C) I'm properly back now, so you can expect regular (and better) posts. Scrolling down this blog atm is really uninspiring, and I'm planning on doing regular outfit posts. This weekend i finally have the time to earn some money, so I'll be working and spending ;)

See you next time,

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