Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'll never be bad again.

Things have been a little busy with family problems, and post deficiency to lack of a good working camera (so pictures are now taken with my mobile), but I'll try working round it and keep posting.

I finally got round to 'thrifting'. It feels a bit fake calling it that- too American to sound like I would say it. But there is no other verb for shopping in charity shops.
Round where I live, the only kind of people who do 'thrifting' are old ladies and my oma. She finds great jewellery. Well, I can now be added to that list. I'm looking forward to my friends' facial expressions when i tell them this slinky, soft cardigan was found in a Barnardo's charity shop for the cost of Glamour magazine. It's got a nice grey-ish, slightly pink/purple tone too. I know leopard print is 'over', or is it not? I don't know, but I'm not really bothered by that, or the fact that it's slightly trashy.

Last weekend I visited my auntie and cousin, 6 hours in the car does not make me a happy person. Caged animal. I completely understand why my hamsters passed used to chew the bars of their cages so frantically. Anyway.
After peering nosily into a charity shop, I spotted a beautiful oversized navy blazer, complete with double breasted detail and gold anchor buttons. Sadly the combination of oversized and being a blazer swamps me, so my search for a shrunken fit version will continue. I'll probably put it on ebay, so here are some not so good pictures. Please ignore the ghostly-white blare of the photos! The sleeves are rolled up by the way, they are actually normal length and have three gold buttons on each one.

P.S The top photo was taken by my twelve year old sister. She was wearing a vintage scarf I had worn today and was 'messing around'. I think it's beautiful.


qwkjdn said...

Great outfits!
Btw, I love thrifting.

Anonymous said...

i love the blazer! very cute with what your wearing. <3!

Anonymous said...

i like the print sweater, i own one just like it.

la petite fashionista said...

im a thrifting fiend! i used to volunteer at a thrift shop & set aside all the stuff i liked before they put it out in the store. i am loooving that leopard cardigan!:)

Wendy said...

The oversized boyfriend blazer is chic!