Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I first suspected a return when I saw Daisy Lowe wearing one at the 02 festival and then Pixie Geldof joined in. Bloggers Selina and Almah have also posted outfit shots including cropped tops. So I'm interested in what you think- will tummy bearing tops be returning to your wardrobes, and to the fashion scene?

I'm sensing this is another roundabout-trend, although Almah and Selina both work the crop top, I think it'll be hard for magazine stylists (and possibly even designers) to create a stylish look including them without the image of Katie Price or tacky WAGs coming to mind.

Talking about trend roundabouts, the other night I was having a discussion with my friend about past fashion trends that had a starring role in our wardrobes or that we had witnessed. I had forgotten how many there've been! These are just a few...the mind boggles.

A yes/no under each one I 'participated' in.


Yeeeess. I think i had a black one? Or was that just one I lusted after and was etched into my memory.

Boho skirt


Ugg boots

Yes. I admit to buying a grey pair from Primark. Then everyone got hold of some, and they just looked tacky. Now they're just slippers and running-into-the-garden-to-get-something-random shoes.

Red and black striped tights

I could lie. It's a yes. Fashion is all about fun, though isn't it? yeah, it really is.

The grungey side of flared jeans.


So-be honest, did you wear any of these? Can you think of any more?

The same friend I mentioned before ( I should probably give you her name-Hannah), says that her mum and her friends follow the rule 'never wear the same trend twice.' So, when they were younger wearing leggings with everything, they didn't wear them when they came back with a huge vengeance.
I wonder if we will take note of that fashion rule. I think it's better when fashion doesn't have rules. Puts the fun 'F' into fashion. I wonder if bloggers will still be working oxford brogues,floral prom dresses, american apparel blend vests and leather jackets in our 80s.

Then we predicted which current fashions will get 'oh my god how could i have worn that' reaction.

I have never worn, and will never wear these.
Crocs:They even had these uglies in Ibiza. The lovechild of an eighties romance gone wrong.

One last thing: the vintage oversized blazer is now listed and is set to start Wednesday 9.30pm UK time.


Claire said...

God, I've never worn Crocs, hideous things and so bad for the feet (collapsing arches etc). I think people will look back on them and weep. A bit like leggings - also something I don't wear. They shorten your legs!!!!

ANyway, the items on the list -
Poncho - no
Boho skirt - I did have one, but didn't wear it a lot. I needed an outfit for a summer garden party and was a bit fatter than usual so I bought a boho skirt.
Red and black striped tights - no but I do own some orange/yellow/black/green stripy tights. Used them for a play I was in.
Grungey flared jeans - yeahhh

Other things - I didn't wear legwarmers when they were in fashion, but I bought some for a rave bop and have been known to wear them multiple times since!

Skirt-trousers - I thought these looked silly so I never owned a pair.

Stephanie said...

I've worn everything except the striped tights and Ugg boots (which I am just opposed to in every way). I also had the slip on platform sandals and skorts!

Nicola said...
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A said...

Me no likey......crocs are evil! I cannot understand this hype about those (in my eyes) torture instruments! Thanks for raising your voice:)!